Mind Sports Olympiad 2021

A single-sitting online tournament within the Mind Sports Olympiad. Organized by archvenison.


1st Morten
2nd Abyss
3rd Reimen


Tak Board size 6Ă—6 to be played at HTTPS://WWW.PLAYTAK.COM/ Please provide your playtak username when registering.

5 double Swiss rounds such that each match is 2 games with opposite colors. Scoring win/loss/draw per game (so possible scores for a match are 2-0, 1.5-0.5, 1-1). If there are over 32 players on the day, then an additional final round may be added for the top players. Time control is 15 minutes per player.

Tiebreaks: 1) Median-Buchholz, 3) Buchholz, 3) Sonneborn–Berger.

Results and Participants

table of games

External Links

Tak page on MSO
challonge tournament page

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